Conditions Treated
Vitametik Relaxation

Symptoms and Conditions Treated

Stress and tension related problems

Neuromuscular relaxation holistic treatment can be applied in all stress or tension related problem areas and is for people of any age, from the elderly to the newborn and from pregnant women to sports people for example:

  •     Backache

  •     Neck pain

  •     Prolapsed inter-vertebral disc (slipped disc)

  •     Bad posture and scoliotic pelvis

  •     Cervical syndrome

  •     Muscular problems

  •     Headache

  •     Tinnitus and Vertigo

  •     Stomach and digestion problems

  •     Sleep disorder

Note: Neuromuscular relaxation does not replace the treatment of a doctor, chiropractor or homoeopathic practitioner but can be a valuable complement to ongoing therapeutic measures. Current medical therapy and prescriptions should be continued and future planned ones not postponed or cancelled.

Please contact Sabine for further information.

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