Vitametik Relaxation

Neuromuscular Relaxation


Neuromuscular Relaxation therapy can support the treatment of all stress related problems due to muscle tension,

for example:

  •     scoliotic pelvis, difference in leg length

  •     back problems, prolapsed inter vertebral disc (slipped disc)

  •     neck problems

  •     headache, migraine

  •     vertigo, tinnitus

In general, Neuromuscular Relaxation can be applied in all cases of bodily and psychological dysfunctions because it supports the body's ability to heal itself naturally. In case of illness the body regenerates itself better when it is relaxed. Neuromuscular Relaxation treatments complement other therapeutic measures very well for example chiropractic treatments. Neuromuscular Relaxation treatment does not replace the therapy prescribed by a doctor or homoeopathic practitioner, current treatments should be continued, prescriptions taken and future therapy not postponed or cancelled.

The Neuromuscular Relaxation Treatment

The first consultation of each Neuromuscular Relaxation treatment starts with an in-depth personal conversation about the problem situation.

What does the Therapist do then?

The Neuromuscular Relaxation therapist checks the muscular tension and makes a dynamic test to measure the length of the legs. For the treatment the client lies on his side on a specialised treatment bed. Now the therapist sets a precise and pain free impulse, with very high speed and minimal pressure on the lateral neck muscles, which reaches the brain in a split second. The brain recognises the impulse as a signal to relax and informs the whole body to solve long term muscle tension.

A 20-minute relaxation phase on a daybed follows.

The number of treatments depends usually on the individual needs of the client. The first phase consists of about five to ten treatments in short intervals.


I havehave completed a thorough training at the Bildungsinstitut für Vitametik (Educational Institute for Vitametik) and are a member of the Berufsverband für Vitametik e.V. (Professional Registered Association for Vitametik).

What are the Roots of Vitametik?

The origins of Vitametik date back to the year 1895 when an American, David Daniel Palmer, discovered the close connection between the individual´s health and his spine. He developed chiropractic therapy. His son, Bartlett Josua a chiropractor, refined the method and finally arrived at working only with the first cervical vertebra (the atlas) in his technique.

Since this technique became established in Europe in the 1980´s, we no longer speak of a chiropractic method when referring to Vitametik, but of a targeted muscular impulse technique. Vitametik therapists are organized in the Berufverband für Vitametik e.V, BVV, founded in 2000.

For more information about the method please go to www.vitametik.de and about the training to www.dasbi.de

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