A lot of my work comes from recommendations and regular clients which speaks for itself.

Of course I are always happy to hear from new enquiries.

If you thinking of contacting me please read below what some of my satisfied customers have said.

We were first introduced to Sabine almost 6 years ago, we as a family have been enjoying treatments on a regular basis. My work is quite physical and as a result I had spent a lot of time and money at the chiropractor but with no real results. Vitametik treatment I have to say has transformed my life from one of regular back pain and discomfort, to where I can enjoy the freedom to work and play. 

I have made just one visit to the chiropractor in all that time

Simon R - Ringwood

I had been referred to Sabine for Vitametik treatment for my young son who had recently undergone spine correction surgery. As a result his muscular system was all out of alinement, the treatment relaxed and re-aligned him and has enabled him to have a real quality of life. We now enjoy regular maintenance treatments as our son enjoys all the activities a young boy should enjoy

Dana R - Ringwood

I have had back problems since I had a car accident and I have sought every treatment available, chiropractor, physiotherapy, osteopathy, cranial osteopath, acupuncture and nothing gave me lasting relief from the daily pain I felt from the compression in my back, neck and shoulders until I had this treatment. I have not stopped raving about it to everyone I speak to as it is AMAZING.

5 Stars *****

  S. P., London

Thanks you for treating me by providing holistic heatlh care for my the problem of my neck hurting when I turn my head

Through the Vitametik technique with gentle pressure (impulse) on my neck muscles I have relaxed more and the specific problem has been cleared.

I have no hesitation in recommonding anyone who suffers from tensions and pain to use this treatment to relieve the stress which may well be causing problems to their nervous system

Mr Scales, Camberley

I started going for Vitametik treatment in July 2013 with hip pain & with one treatment I could feel improvement.

Also Sabine came to treat one of my ponies, Oliver, as he was very much off his food. After just two treatments he was much more lively and eating his food with gusto.

L. R., Sherfield English

I suffered from a rotator cuff injury due to my work and with treatments from Sabine complementing my visits to the Chiropractor I have made great recovery and improvement in my shoulder and posture.

Paul. S., Southampton